Irreconcilable Differences (1984)

16 03 2009

Release Video Treasures
Year 1989
Nostalgia 90%
When To Watch Autumn, Saturday, 10 PM
Coming Attractions None

Irreconcilable Differences was a movie I watched every time it was on the cable television. It was and still is one of my favorite movies. So I was overcome with glee when I found a battered copy in the basement of a flea market.

The movie is about a nine year old Casey (Drew Barrymore) who is in the process of divorcing her parents (Ryan O’Neal, Shelley Long). The movie begins with Casey discussing this with her attorney and the events leading up to this point are told in flashbacks as each family member testifies in court.

Although the movie seems to run slow during the courtship of Casey’s parents, things pick up and movie along rather quickly. Especially when Sharon Stone and her breasts enter the picture. Although mostly a drama, there are some funny moments. The kind that you don’t laugh at. Through the majority of the movie you can’t help but want to bitch slap Casey’s parents for the way they treat her. By the end of the movie we are lead to believe that they have seen the errors of their ways and everything will be OK. A hint at a reconciliation leaves the viewer satisfied. It may also leave some viewers hungry for a cheeseburger.

Perfect late night viewing for the weekend or if you need a movie to fall asleep to. Definiately a movie you must own, especially if you’re a Drew Barrymore fan. Sorry, I don’t agree with anyone who hates this movie.


White Water Summer (1987)

12 03 2009

Release RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video
Year 1987
Nostalgia 75%
When To Watch Late summer, 8 PM
Coming Attractions None

White Water Summer was one of my favorite movies when I was growing up. What could be better than a movie about five guys camping in the woods? Nothing. Especially when they get wet and angry.

Let’s cut to the chase. An introverted Alan (Sean Astin) is hustled into going on a camping trip with mountain man Vic (Kevin Bacon) and three other not so introverted boys (that would be Matt Adler, KC Martel and Jonathan Ward).

Right from the get go Alan is the whipping boy. I could never tell if Vic is jealous of Alan or just plain psychotic. First he takes Alan’s knife away as punishment for carving his initials in a tree. Then he busts his balls over listening to the radio. Then he throws the fish Alan caught back into the river because he didn’t catch them “the right way”. Then
he leaves him hanging off a cliff challenging him to figure out how to get down all by himself.

At first the other boys enjoy busting on Alan right along with Vic but soon realize Vic is the one with the mental deficiency and the boys join forces together to rip Vic a new ass hole. One of the boys (the sexiest Matt Adler ever looked) ends up flinging Vic off the side of a cliff with a canoe paddle in a fit of rage. It’s up to Alan to save his life when the others just want to leave him to die as punishment for what he did to Alan.

White Water Summer is by no means a great movie. It’s sometimes boring, the pace is sometimes slow, there’s not enough action to make up for the lack of dialogue, and the overall flow of the movie is interrupted by segments of an adult Alan addressing the audience about his experiences with Vic. There’s some laughs, a great soundtrack, some awesome thunderstorm scenes and an attractive cast. Should you watch it on the regular? No. Should you own it? Yes.

70s titles…

5 03 2009

70s titles with that 80s feeling
These are seventies titles that have “that eighties feeling”. Either because I originally watched them for the first time in the eighties on the cable television or because they should have been made in the eighties.

1970 Out-Of-Towners, The
Love this romp about a couple who while traveling to New York encounter every conceivable obstacle known to man. Perfect Sunday afternoon viewing while it rains, in early fall. Comedy

1972 Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds
Unavailable on VHS (and DVD). I caught this on the premium ENCORE channel. Based on the play of the same name. One of my favorites. Watch on a rainy afternoon, around four o’clock, while dinner is cooking. Any day of the week. Any season. Drama

1972 Harold and Maude
The romance of a 19 year-old boy fixated on mock suicides to shock his mother into loving him and the 79 year-old Maude who teaches him to appreciate life. They meet each other while funeral crashing, something both characters do for fun. It’s great. I am unsure what day and time you should watch this. Drama

1972 Play It Again, Sam
Great Woody Allen movie about an unlucky in love neurotic who takes romance advice from Humphrey Bogart. Watch between the hours of six o’clock and nine o’clock in the evening on a weekday during the late summer, early fall. Comedy

1973 Baby, The
Bizarre tale of an abused man who has been forced to stay an infant his entire life and the social worker determined to save him for her own personal gain. Not to be missed. Best watched after hours, possibly on a Friday, in the early summer. So bizarre a new genre must be created because of this movie

1973 Exorcist, The
A young girl is posessed by a demon. What’s not to like. Watch after church on Sunday afternoon in the early fall. Horror

1973 Papillon
Excellent prison drama based on the book of the same name. Perfect for after midnight viewing any night of the week during the late summer. Drama

1973 Scarecrow
Depressing road movie about two men who befriend each other while hitchhiking. Warning: This ends on an extreme down note, even for me. Sunday late night viewing only in the winter during a snowstorm. Drama

1973 Sisters
Excellent murder mystery from the mind of Brian DePalma. Perfect for after midnight viewing on the weekend in the summer. Mystery/Suspense

1974 Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
Semi-epic tale of a widow traveling towards a better life with her young son. She eventually finds her calling at a diner. I ask you, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, just after dinner, in late summer. Basis for the television series ALICE. Drama

1974 Black Christmas
Excellent horror movie about a group of collegiates being terrorized by an unknown psychopath over the telephone. And it all happens during Christmas break! A winner. Weekend late night viewing in December. Horror

1975 Jaws
The classic movie about the great white shark terrorizing beachgoers in Amityville. Richard Dreyfuss kicks ass. Watchable any day or time. Action

1976 Omen, The
A superb mystery/suspense. With the help of a photographer, the father of a young boy goes in search for the truth surrounding his adopted sons birth. Late night viewing, possibly on a Saturday, instead of going out on a date, in the fall just before winter. Mystery/Suspense

1977 Annie Hall
Another masterpiece by Woody Allen. Puts the relationship between two people under a microscope. View whenever you want. Comedy

1977 Audrey Rose
Follows the plight of a man intent on convincing a young couple his daughter has been reincarnated as their daughter. Makes for great viewing on a rainy Sunday afternoon or friday, after midnight, in the summer. Drama

1978 Foul Play
A fast paced comedic caper. A young woman finds herself the target of a group of people involved in a plot to assassinate the pope. Great weekend afternoon viewing in the spring, just before summer. Comedy

1978 Halloween
Michael Myers returns to his hometown to resume the killing spree he started some fifteen years earlier. Entertaining horror. Works best on the weekends around eight o’clock, around Halloween. Horror

1979 China Syndrome, The
I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t add this movie. First things first, it’s an early Michael Douglas. That alone is worth watching it for. It’s also a pretty interesting story. Late night weekend viewing in the summertime. Drama

1979 Kramer vs. Kramer
Excellent movie about divorce and the effects it has on the child as well as the adults. Watch during the fall season between the hours of six o’clock and nine o’clock in the evening on a Thursday or Friday night. Drama

1979 Meatballs
Summer camp, Chris Makepeace, Bill Murray. To be watched on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, in the summer, just as the sun is setting. Comedy

1979 Time After Time
H.G. Wells follows Jack The Ripper via a time machine into the future to prevent him from killing. Entertaining stuff. Good movie to watch on a cold winter weekend evening.

And that’s all for now. Feel free to suggest a title that I haven’t listed here. I may have not seen it.